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A revamped version of a Zanter classic


Down jackets are well-known to be an essential tool for staying warm during the cold season. However, there are many down jackets that are so high-spec and technical that they lack the necessary versatility for everyday wear.

The WP-Down Jacket is a modified version of the brand's flagship JP-Original Down Park, which was supplied to Antarctic observation teams. This jacket more seamlessly blends both form as well as function, and can be easily integrated into a casual wardrobe.

Versatile and highly functional


This jacket is constructed to the same standard as Japan’s Antarctic observation team's original specification. The jacket is filled with 800 fill power down and can withstand temperatures akin to those experienced in the arctic circle.


It should be noted that the overall amount of down has been reduced while maintaining good heat retention, creating a more balanced design that prevents bloating. Also, portions of this specific model’s design were simplified and stripped down to better fit everyday use.

In addition, the outer material is made of DELFY, known for its great moisture permeability and water repellency, and the inner material is made of IRORI, a material that has excellent heat storage capabilities. The cuffs are fitted with thick ribbing to shut out cold air.

The yoke on the back is made of MOFF, a mesh fabric with deodorizing and antibacterial properties. This fabric keeps the wearer warm while preventing odors from perspiration, a specification that only a factory specializing in down products can provide. The large utility pocket is big enough to hold a tablet or portable computer. It provides enough storage space in the garment itself that it can replace the need for a bag in most cases.

A one-of-a-kind daily driver for the winter

Pivoting away from the oversized trend of recent years, the size is just right to wrap around the entire body, making it a perfect fit for most. When winter arrives, it will be the mainstay of your wardrobe, a really incredible daily driver, something you can wear with anything underneath to achieve a good balance of function and style.

Here at Zanter, we want high quality to be provided fairly and to provide garments that have longevity and are timeless in style. With this in mind, the WP-Down Jacket can be enjoyed for years to come as a staple fashion item regardless of the occasion, while also providing great protection against the elements.

WP-Down Jacket

Price: ¥83,000(tax in)