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WP-Down Jacket

A revamped version of a Zanter classic


Down jackets are well-known to be an essential tool for staying warm during the cold season. However, there are many down jackets that are so high-spec and technical that they lack the necessary versatility for everyday wear.

The WP-Down Jacket is a modified version of the brand's flagship JP-Original Down Park, which was supplied to Antarctic observation teams. This jacket more seamlessly blends both form as well as function, and can be easily integrated into a casual wardrobe.

Versatile and highly functional


This jacket is constructed to the same standard as Japan’s Antarctic observation team's original specification. The jacket is filled with 800 fill power down and can withstand temperatures akin to those experienced in the arctic circle.


It should be noted that the overall amount of down has been reduced while maintaining good heat retention, creating a more balanced design that prevents bloating. Also, portions of this specific model’s design were simplified and stripped down to better fit everyday use.

In addition, the outer material is made of DELFY, known for its great moisture permeability and water repellency, and the inner material is made of IRORI, a material that has excellent heat storage capabilities. The cuffs are fitted with thick ribbing to shut out cold air.

The yoke on the back is made of MOFF, a mesh fabric with deodorizing and antibacterial properties. This fabric keeps the wearer warm while preventing odors from perspiration, a specification that only a factory specializing in down products can provide. The large utility pocket is big enough to hold a tablet or portable computer. It provides enough storage space in the garment itself that it can replace the need for a bag in most cases.

A one-of-a-kind daily driver for the winter

Pivoting away from the oversized trend of recent years, the size is just right to wrap around the entire body, making it a perfect fit for most. When winter arrives, it will be the mainstay of your wardrobe, a really incredible daily driver, something you can wear with anything underneath to achieve a good balance of function and style.

Here at Zanter, we want high quality to be provided fairly and to provide garments that have longevity and are timeless in style. With this in mind, the WP-Down Jacket can be enjoyed for years to come as a staple fashion item regardless of the occasion, while also providing great protection against the elements.

WP-Down Jacket

Price: ¥83,000(tax in)

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JP-Original Down Parkar

JP-Original Down Parkar

The original down jacket created for the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition

With the arrival of winter, the problem of creating truly practical outerwear becomes more and more important. We wanted to create something authentic and historically significant, while also focusing on core functionality and weather resistance. We also wanted to make a truly “Made in Japan” product that would honor the legacy of the original design.

Nowadays, down outerwear is not just a winter garment to protect you from the cold, but a crucial element of winter styling. Today a wide variety of options are available, but most cannot come close in terms of balancing both style and functionality.

We would like to introduce Japan's first down jacket designed for extremely cold climates. This jacket was instrumental in aiding the progress of the 1957 Antarctic Research Expedition.


Zanter was founded in 1951 and became the primary down producer for Japan’s arctic explorers. Our JP-Original Down Park is the successor to the original down-insulated gear that was supplied to the Antarctic research team of the past. Since its first release, the JP-Original Down Park has been tweaked and modified over the years to produce one of the most weather-resistant garments on the market today.

A high-spec down garment of supreme quality that is favored by explorers

The natural duck down is aged for 90 days and washed in its country of origin, then it is further refined in Japan in a process that takes as many as 10 steps to remove dirt and impurities. This specific down is designed to withstand temperatures as low as -60°C. Much of the appeal of this product comes from its authentic design, historical significance, and extreme performance in frigid temperatures. Generally, 600-700 fill power is considered to be good quality down, and 700 fill power or higher is considered to be high quality down, but this product boasts 800 fill power domestically refined down.

The outer material is made of BREATHATEC, a three-layered breathable and waterproof material. We have also blended in DELFY, a water-repellent fabric developed from Toray Industries’ cutting-edge textile technology to provide high water repellency and wind resistance. The fabric is designed to repel heavy rain, as well as prevent the inside of the garment from becoming stuffy due to perspiration.

Additionally, the deodorant fiber MOFF affixed to the back of the garment has an anti-odor and antibacterial effect. It works to curb excess perspiration, preventing any odors after long periods of wear.


Functionality and comfort in the coldest climates

Naturally, the heat-retaining properties of the garment are the most critical element of its design. The jacket effectively wraps around the body to keep it warm and to keep body heat locked in. However, we have included some supplemental detailing to add even more functionality to the garment.

The jacket is double-fronted to prevent wind, rain, and snow from entering the jacket, and the deep hood can be worn while wearing a helmet without exposing the ears and neck to the cold air. These are exactly the kind of specifications that are needed to stay comfortable in record-cold weather conditions.


Despite its obvious toughness, the inner lining is as soft as a high-quality down quilt. The JP-Original Down Park is nothing short of a reliable masterpiece that protects from the harsh winter cold. With its groundbreaking high-spec design, it is sure to be a down jacket that will stand the test of time.

JP-Original Down Park

Price: ¥110,000(tax in)

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An upgraded classic, creating high-performance gear for everyday wear


Down vests have been gaining popularity in recent years as a great inner layer. Of course, it also looks great when used as outerwear, retaining warmth and protecting from the cold. The lack of sleeves makes it easy to style with jackets, fleeces, and parkas. It is a crucial addition to one’s winter wardrobe, as it can make a bulky silhouette look much sleeker.

Zanter's Down Vest is based on our flagship WP-Down Jacket model. While ensuring protection from the cold, it has great urban utility that is indispensable for fall/winter coordination.


Uncompromising on functionality, elegance shines through the use of high-quality materials

In order to maximize the power of the down lining, 90% European white duck down with 800 fill power is used for the padding, guaranteeing high warmth retention. After this down is washed in the country of origin, the down is further refined domestically in Japan through a 10-step process to remove dirt and impurities. This improves the warmth and durability of Zanter’s prized high-quality down.

The fabric is made of DELFY, the same highly breathable and water-repellent material used in the WP-Down Jacket, so the same high level of moisture permeability and water-repellency is present in this high-performance vest.

Moreover, the high-density woven water-repellent nylon ensures a beautiful luster to the garment. The result is a truly elegant garment suitable for both mountaineers as well as urban professionals.

A final but crucial detail is in the lined pockets. These pockets are lined with thick fleece and will keep your hands warm during the mid-winter months.


Expand your styling range and break out of the layering rut

Zanter's Down Vest has a notably sporty look and will be a very functional compliment to your everyday wardrobe.

This down vest, which combines quality and attention to detail, can be worn with a casual parka or even a high-gauge sweater without feeling out of place. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a versatile item, indispensable for easy clothing coordination, and a garment that expands the wearer’s range of styling.

The lightweight yet considerable warmth of the down makes it a very easy-to-use item. With a lightweight fit and excellent heat retention properties, it is guaranteed to become a mainstay piece.

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Manaslu Pullover

Manaslu Pullover
Versatile, subtle, functional

A quality pullover is a true essential for most seasons, and it really comes in handy when the temperature fluctuates throughout the day. The Manaslu Pullover from Zanter was specifically designed with these factors in mind. While also closely resembling a classic anorak parka, this pullover is a truly superb piece of outerwear, one suitable not only for extreme outdoor use but also for casual everyday styling.

The main feature of the Manaslu Pullover, besides its key functionality of rain protection, is the especially spacious pocket on the front. This is perfect for those who would rather not carry a bag, as wallets, cell phones, and lightweight computers can easily fit into this extremely roomy pocket.


Tough but elegant at the same time

The Manaslu Pullover follows in the footsteps of the original Manaslu Expedition Anorak that was used by the Japanese expedition team that climbed Manaslu, a mountain in the Nepalese Himalayas on May 9, 1956.

The fabric is made of a high-performance Ventile fabric, rather than nylon. There is a beautiful luster to the Ventile fabric, but what is even more outstanding is its breathability while remaining extremely waterproof. This waterproof and breathable fabric has minimal seams where it comes in contact with rain, further preventing any water from penetrating, and offers a high degree of mobility and comfort.

The MOFF material used in Zantar's down jacket series is also utilized here. This material has excellent deodorant properties that are fast-acting and long-lasting, and helps to mitigate excess perspiration.

Beauty and utility

Recently, oversized anoraks and pullovers have become the norm. However, we wanted to expand on this design trend and create something that had a bit more utility to its core design.


Zanter’s Manaslu Pullover follows in the footsteps of the anoraks of the past with a large silhouette, meant to be worn over a down jacket. The large kangaroo pocket attached to the front is spacious enough to hold a laptop computer.

The large size makes it perfect for winter and can be styled easily with a thick parka or fleece as an inner layer. It can also be a mainstay for casual everyday outfits in winter.

The wide silhouette makes it easier to move around in, and the fabric will age well with regular use.


Because it is a classic yet practical item, it can be worn in a variety of situations and outfits. And naturally, it goes great with sporty and street-style items. Experimenting with different bottom layers can make for fun styling as well.



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