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History of ZANTER

History of ZANTER


About 70 years ago, during the aftermath of the war, Japan was still under military occupation.
Just as the country was beginning to carve out a recovery for itself,
the first Japanese down wear was born.
The name of the brand was Zanter. 
It was inspired by mountain climbers (mountaineers). 
Founded as the Down Wear Team of the company which currently known as Toyo Feather Industry, Co., Ltd., becoming the first domestic company to develop cold weather down gear for mountain climbing as well as down sleeping bags. 

it's named with a fierce spirit, one that bespoke the desire to create light, warm, and genuine mountaineering gear by Japanese hands, with the time  when a few people could have the luxury of enjoying such a leisure in that era.
In 1956, we've been starting to supply Down Wear to Japan's Antarctic Research Expedition team and others too.
Time passed, and nowadays people wear down jacket in a town as well as during outdoors excursions.
We Zanter keep providing products with warmth and joy during even in the cold winter seasons in the world.

 Founded as the Wear Department (Zanter Department) of the company currently known as Toyo Feather Industry, Co., Ltd.It developed the first down clothing and down sleeping bags for mountain climbing in Japan and conducted joint research with the Japanese Alpine Team "Manaslu" expedition

 Supplied down clothing and sleeping bags to the first Manaslu expedition
 Provided down equipment for the first Antarctic Research Expedition.Continues to support polar region research activities to this days.The same team became the first in the world to reach the summit. The technology behind the gear was demonstrated in the harsh cold of Manaslu in the Himalayas.The company has provided down equipment for the many Japanese expeditions traveling abroad amidst the mountain climbing boom that started around this time.
 Supplied down gear to the Japan Everest Skiing Expedition .      Supplied down clothing and sleeping bags to the Japanese Alpine Club's Everest expedition.
Supplied down clothing and sleeping bags to the Tokyo University Nepal expedition
The Wear Department at Toyo Feather Industry, Co., Ltd. is spun off into its own company, Zanter Co., Ltd.
Supplied down gear to the Nihon University North Pole expedition, the first Japanese people to successfully reach the North Pole, and Naomi Uemura, who successfully reached the North Pole solo.
Start the new brands LAPLUMA, as ladies' line; OLNIS, as men’s line; and POLEWARDS, as outdoor sports line.
Joined the Japan Down Product Association at its launch as a member of the Down & Feather Quality Standards Committee
Start the new brands PLUMADAM, as ladies’ high-class line, and FEZAN, as lounge wear and underwear line
Partnered with a subcontract factory in Dalian, China and made it into an OEM base for other brands (brand manufacturing for other parties)
Provided support for the continuing efforts of North Pole explorer Mr.Yasunaga Ogita, who aims to become the first Japanese person to make a solo trek to the North Pole on foot without external assistance. As part of our 40th Anniversary Plan, we overhauled the POLEWARDS brand’s Polaris products.
Added the ALPINE line to the POLEWARDS brand 
Start new brand and outdoor fashion line, ZANTER JAPAN, modified the background of workwear for Antarctic Research Expredition.
60 years Anniversary since the Japanese Alpine Team first time reaching the "Manaslu" summit

Yasunaga Ogita, one of the explorers Zanter supports, succeeded in becoming the first Japanese person to successfully reach the South Pole alone on foot without external support


We will continue producing high-quality down and down wear that excels in both function and fashion and helping to provide an active winter experience.

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Since its founding, Zanter has been producing high-quality down products based on its fundamental goal of "bringing warmth to winter.” Coinciding with our corebrand philosophy, we are also determined to promote environmental sustainability and ethical manufacturing.

We are committed to ensuring sustainable consumption and production patternsSDG12 and keeping our manufacturing process fully transparent.

We at Zanter fundamentally believe in responsible consumption and production, and will continue to further these goals via the following means:

(1) Manufacturing products with longevity and ensuring that customers who purchase our products can use them for a lifetime, effectively reducing waste.

(2) Manufacturing products using recycled down, reusable fabrics, and natural materials as much as possible.

(3) Any unused materials (fabrics, feathers, etc.) will be handed over to companies that manufacture using recycled materials.



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