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Original model "Japan Antarctic Research Expedition Team" 
Modified into modern design as town use


 Down products with fill power of 500~600 are generally considered good quality. The fill power of our products is at 800, which is top of the line. The best quality down is amazingly light, soft and warm.

 Our products contain 90% down of the best quality. From the cleaning and sterilizing of the feathers to the making of the jackets, every process is done here in Japan.

 The large down clusters that are used by ZANTER result in a better performance in terms of lightness, thermal capacity and insulating properties. As larger down clusters will also prevent the down packs from being over-filled, the down jacket will be more light and comfortable to wear throughout the day.

 Due to the fact that down has the ability to absorb moisture and function as a natural insulator, it can regulate and achieve a comfortable temperature.

 ZANTER’s factories in Japan are equipped with the latest machines and technologies to produce the highest quality down that excels in insulation, moisture-absorption, breathability, lightness and durability.

 A high performance fabric called “Delfy” is used for its excellent water-repellency and breathability. It combines the functionality of outdoor clothing with stylish details and a modern fit. We believe in high quality and durable materials. If you are looking for something durable and unique, ZANTER’s down jacket will definitely be your choice.


 Lightweight thermal insulation fabric "IRORI" to keep warm air inside of jacket which is used for bunch of sports wear industry, fabric catch your body heat and storage it.

 Deodorize & Antibacterial mesh material "MOFF" keep you have fresh air in the jacket, which support you to wear it long time in a day



Length Chest Shoulder Sleeves
 M 78cm 118cm 47cm 61cm
L 82cm 124cm 50cm 63cm
XL 84cm 130cm 53cm 64cm


Nylon 100%

Nylon 100%

Cuff Rib
Acrylic 70%
Wool 30%
Inside Down 90% Feather 10%




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We only accept that products delivered damaged to you.

Please contact to info@zanter.jp